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How do I sign up for Journey Active?
To become a member of Journey Active, whether in person or online, whether fitness or nutrition coaching, you must go through our application process. It is as easy as clicking HEREBut know that we do not work with everyone. Only if you're serious about achieving your goals should you apply.

What should I bring to an in-studio training session?
Appropriate athletic clothing is required, along with a positive, no-excuses attitude. Typically, we train without shoes. Feel free to train barefoot or with socks. However, if you must wear shoes, please wear a pair of "gym-only, non-street" shoes.

Where is Journey Active located?
Our address is 1245 Badger Street, La Crosse, WI. Enter the east stairwell under the Journey Active sign, make your way up to floor 2, and we're the first door on your left. Our doors automatically unlock 15-minutes before class time and lock immediately at class start time. Don't be late.

Why kettlebells?
It's more than just "kettlebells". It's StrongFirst training. If you're looking to demolish body fat, develop great strength, improve your flexibility and the way your body moves, and maximize your training time, kettlebells are an extremely effective way to do so. They are dynamic, strength and endurance building pieces of equipment, when used safely and effectively. This is best done through the help of a StrongFirst Girya Instructor. If you're serious about getting results, kettlebell training with us will get you where you want to be.

Is fitness training and/or nutrition coaching with Journey Active right for me?
If you're serious about making positive change for yourself, we might be a good fit. If you're ready to put in the effort, willing to drop the excuses, and able to commit to our process, then you WILL be a good fit. We work with people who want to become champions, who want to live their life to the fullest, who want to grow and be the best they can be. If that sounds like you, training and coaching with us will be a good fit. You can get started with the application process HERE.

How can I access my member account?
Click the "Login / Register" link at the top right of this page to login to your account.
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