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Journey Active The MAP

What is the ‘MAP’?

You’ve never heard of the MAP?! What? Just kidding! We know you’ve not because…. well, we created it! We’ve discovered over the years that group classes can be crowded and it’s hard to find your ‘own space’ while still developing community in the class. The MAP changes this – you’ll have your own 6’x6′ square to work in and around so that you never have to worry about feeling too crowded! 


Kettlebell Functional Fitness

The kettlebell, a dynamic and efficient piece of equipment, makes up the core of these classes. The swing, clean, press, Turkish get-up, squat, and maybe even the snatch will be covered. Push your limits while still being able to get through the rest of your day. Develop proper form, become strong, the right way. This is a perfect way to get a strength & endurance workout all in one.

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