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“Journey Active has been a key factor in my life after playing professional football. Kevin and Devan are great people that truly care about their clients! The workouts are a great blend of speed and quality with high intensity workouts that are only 40 minutes long. The hot yoga was a game changer for me, it has helped me reduce my aches/pain and is improving my flexibility. By making a small change in my life and joining Journey Active, I went from weighing 252 lbs to 232 lbs. Take a leap of faith and jump into this community. I am glad I did.”

               -Andrew R., 23, Former CFL Player

“I decided to join Journey Active after trying a free class.  I was new to kettlebells and I love that the staff really took the time to teach me how to do it correctly.  I always look forward to working out at Journey Active because everybody is so friendly and the workouts are always different and fun!

               -Angie T., 42


“My experience at Journey Active has been outstanding!  I really enjoy working out at Journey because it feels like I have my very own personal trainer for every class.  The trainer works with me on my flexibility, form, and even gives me homework to help me improve.  Since I joined Journey 2 months ago, my flexibility and form have improved greatly. I feel so much better each day when I wake up because I have more energy now that I’m getting into better shape.  I love how my unlimited membership gives me full access to the gym, unlimited classes, and unlimited Hot Yoga Classes – nowhere in town do you get access to a Personal Trainer in a class setting and the ability to take Hot Yoga Classes.

               -Jared L.


As a person who was brand new to kettlebell training, I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was that I was constantly challenged at my fitness level and the trainers paid attention to how I was feeling. The workouts are quick & efficient, leave me sweaty & more flexible. I’ve learned a lot about proper technique and mechanics since becoming a part of the family at Journey & this is a great addition for strength training to my regular routine of biking & yoga!”

               -Marvin W., 47


“TRUST- I’ve known Devan and Kevin for — years. They are 2 of the most hard working, consistent and FUN people I know.  Joining Journey Active was an easy YES simply because of who they are.

TRAINING and EXPERTISE- Jeremy and I started incorporating kettlebells into our active lifestyle 3 years ago. They have taken our fitness and core strength to a new level. The fact that Journey offers kettlebell training and classes 5 minutes from home was a no brainer for us to jump in!

Devan’s ability to meet every member where they are at and make them feel comfortable and confident is amazing.  She is EXTREMELY mindful of every motion making sure to cater to every individual.  To me, kettlebells are simply the most efficient and effective way to get a total body, strength, core and cardio workout.  It’s a win-win for this busy, work from home wife and mom of 3!”

               -Courtney N., 38

“Some days I literally only have 45 to 50 minutes tops to get a work out and quick shower. That’s not much time, but by having Journey Active at my fingertips and knowing that all I need is a kettlebell and space, my mission will be accomplished. I get creative and find 4/5 exercises and typically after 25 – 30 minutes of high intensity, short rest breaks, and I’m ready to be done! Cardio, strength, sweat packed into a short period of time. Perfect for me!“

               -Nick A.


“Journey Active has been a great place to start my fitness experience. I have found this place to be exceptional.  Devan, Kevin and their staff, go above and beyond.  They have provided me with support, challenges, encouragement, motivation, positive attitude and the importance of exercise. The atmosphere at the fitness center with the other clients is full of energy and very positive.  When I started with this fitness program, I really did not know what to expect, but at 56 years old and my doctor’s recommendation to exercise, I needed to make some changes in my life.  I knew I would not see the changes I wanted overnight, but over the past 7 weeks I have started to notice some changes.  Even though the work out seems hard and overwhelming, I feel healthier than I have in a long time, my clothes fit a little better and I leave feeling I can handle anything!”

               -Louise O., 56


“Journey Active is the perfect fit for me because I’m able to get a quick but challenging workout in whenever it is convenient for me. I am one who needs to commit to something, have people hold me accountable and have others encourage me along the way… this is exactly what happens at Journey Active! I am so excited to see how my new health and fitness will change my life.”

               -Jess B., 23


“I love the workouts at Journey Active! Not only are they fun, but Devan sure does push me to always challenge myself.  I am an avid bowler and since joining Journey Active, my game has been so much better and more consistent.  I am probably jinxing myself by saying this, but I have not bowled under a 600 series since joining Journey Active. Could this be coincidence, maybe, but highly doubtful.  In classes my core is put to the test and so is my arm strength and breathing.  All of this is super helpful in bowling.  Love it!”

               -Jaime G.




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